Consumer Personas

An E-Commerce startup wanted to launch creative products in Pakistan. They wanted to understand the consumer personas that will be interested in creative products. Moreover, they needed insight into their target market in terms of where they are likely to be situated and what channel should be used to market the products. In E-Commerce it is imperative that one understands the target market as the photography, content writing, user interface, user experience, and most importantly ad spend all depends on the preferences of target market.

Concave research deployed teams across cities to interview people of diverse demographics and geographies to gauge interest in creative products. Furthermore, their preferences for creative product features and E-Commerce service were studied. Focus groups were conducted to understand product search and selection journeys of consumers. Influencers were identified that had the following of the potential target market along with the wide reach and credibility. These findings were supplanted by population data to identify clusters of potential customers and estimate their numbers. As a result, client was able to reduce its Ad-Spend by targeting specific geographies and use marketing mix, involving influencers, that was more effective in increasing the conversion rate.